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2020-03-08 21:06

What problems are easy to occur when punching angle steel is

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Punching angle steel is widely used in the construction industry, and it is a kind of high-quality building material. It is deeply loved by the construction industry because of its good toughness. 
But sometimes we will find some problems when using the punching angle, such as billet grinding, slideway scratches, furnace bottom roller pits and so on, which will greatly reduce the performance of the punching angle steel, so how can we avoid it? 
1. Blank grinding. 
The rough grinding wheel is used to grind the blank of punching angle steel, and there will be wear marks on the surface of the rolled plate, especially on the thick plate above 20mm. 
2. Scratches on the slide. 
In the reheating furnace, the slideway scratches are easy to occur on the lower surface of the billet during the slideway movement of the billet. 
3. Rolling pits. 
The friction between the middle splint and the edge of the middle plate causes the edge burr to spatter on the surface of the medium plate and forms a surface rolling pit. 
4. Large chain scratches. 
The shedding between the chains causes the steel plate to move out of sync on the cold bed, resulting in scratches on the lower surface. 
5. Roller pits at the bottom of the furnace. 
The bottom roller of the furnace is subjected to multiple actions such as high temperature gas and load, which is very easy to form nodulation on the surface, resulting in pits on the lower surface of the medium plate. 
6. Straightener press pit. 
The oxide scale left by the straightened carbon steel is easy to form pits on the surface of the medium plate during the straightening process. 
7. Lifting and scratching. 
When hoisting the steel plate, it is easy to cause side rib injuries, as well as scratches on the surface of the steel plate caused by non-standard operation during unloading. 
When using piercing angle steel in construction enterprises, it must be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the specification, so that the use value of punching angle steel can be brought into full play. 
In order to improve the performance of punching angle steel, manufacturers also need to strictly control the production quality in the design and processing to ensure that the processed piercing angle steel meets the factory requirements and can be widely used in actual production.
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